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The Swing Timetable Platform is a timetable generator for universities, highschools and even companies. In its current release gstpl supports manual timetabling as well as automatic scheduling:

Here you can see gstpl while optimizing the randomly generated timetable:



You have to know what the basic objects in gstpl are:
  1. Person: has a name and chooses some subjects.
  2. Subject: is a list of TimeInterval's. So you can manage a task here and split it into several time slots.
  3. TimeInterval: is a time slot with a starting time and a duration. It has a subject and a room where it takes place.
  4. Room: the place of a TimeInterval.

Before proceeding with automatic generation of the timetable or manual timetabling you should create manually all your objects.
If you want to clear the database (which could be filled with gstpl sample objects) go to the Database menu and click 'Remove All'.
After that you can go to the PersonList and create new persons.

Create Persons

  1. Click [New]
  2. Double click one column of the person. E.g. the name, then you can change this!
  3. Now you can add subjects: specify the subject click 'add subject'.

Generally you can do the following in such a basic-object-list:

In the RoomList and SubjectList you can

In the PersonList you can

Manual Timetabling (Manual TT)

Find Free Time Slots of Some Persons

  1. Select several persons.
  2. Press Calculate in menu bar 'Find Persons Free Time'.
  3. Type in the required time.
  4. Now you will see all available timeintervals in mergeviewer.

Find Occupied Time Slots of Some Persons

  1. Create several persons.
  2. Select some persons (hold CTRL key while clicking) or click Merge Person' in the 'Manual TT' menu list to explicitly merge the selected objects.
  3. Now you can see the occupied TimeInterval's in the 'Merge Viewer'.

Find Available Rooms for a Time Slot

  1. Select some rooms.
  2. Press Calculate in menu bar 'Find Room'.
  3. Type in the required time (in minutes) and capacity.
  4. Now you will get all available rooms for that required timeinterval.

Find Free Time Slots of Persons Where Rooms Must be Available

  1. Select some persons.
  2. Select some rooms.
  3. Press Calculate 'Find Room With Respect'.
  4. Type in the required time.
  5. Now you will see all available rooms (with capacacity number of your selected persons) and its TimeInterval.
You can use this, if you are a 'teacher' and have a group of persons with different timetable and you want to create a new subject ( required time) for those people. Now gstpl finds a timeinterval where the room is free and so that all persons can visit your subject!

Automatical Timetabling

Create some objects: persons, subjects and rooms. The resulting TimeIntervals you can optimize with one algorithm provided in the 'Generator' menu entry.


gstpl itself stands under the LGPL and uses several libraries. See the main page for more information.

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