The Developer Guide


As a first step take a look into at the current todo tasks and of course into the Documentation.
After checking out via:
svn co https://gstpl.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/gstpl/trunk gstpl
you have to do the following steps to get gstpl running on your machine:
  1. Open all 4 subprojects: gstpl-main, gstpl-server, peathal and packer.
  2. First: Clean and build the packer and peathal. (Resolving reference problems should not be necessary anymore, but if you cannot compile a project: right click on the project -> 'Resolve Reference Problems')
  3. Second Clean and build gstpl-server.
  4. Decide if you want to use db4o or a sql database backed by cayenne mapping framework. With the following ant task: Simple right click build.xml (In the 'Files' tab in netbeans5.5) and then 'Run task' + 'move cayenne -> db4o'.
  5. As Last 'Clean and Build' gstpl-main.
  6. Start gstpl with F6 -> From the dialog choose 'Start Server'.
  7. Run the junit tests for gstpl-main: Open e.g. de.gstpl.Startup.java. Press ALT + F6.
  8. If the test are (mostly) succesfull you can try to start gstpl's GUI with F6 again, but now choose 'Try again' from the startup dialog.


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Genetic Algorithm


Test Application

Some hints to Subversion



Hints for German Translation

Releasing gstpl

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